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Spelled meatballs and black cabbage

Spelled meatballs and black cabbage

Recipe Spelled meatballs and black cabbage di of 10-12-2019 [Updated on 10-12-2019]

The spelled and black cabbage meatballs they are a nice idea to let those who don't appreciate it too much eat this often mistreated vegetable. In this case I wanted to try to do something new for me, that is to use raw vegetables directly in the dough: usually for croquettes and meatballs we tend to use a vegetable or vegetable that has already been blanched or steamed, sometimes even pureed. .. This time I decided to experiment and use raw black cabbage leaves, simply washed and in pieces. The result is tasty meatballs rich in nutritional properties, definitely worth trying;) Cooking them in the oven makes them light and tasty at the same time, try them!


How to make spelled and black cabbage meatballs

First, cook the potatoes for about 35 minutes, then drain, peel them, cut them into pieces and leave them in a bowl with cold water to cool them down.

In the meantime, cook the spelled too, according to the times shown on the package, and drain it al dente.

While the spelled and potatoes are cooling, clean the cabbage by removing the outer leaves and the hardest ribs, then cut it into small pieces or rather thin strips.

Mash the potatoes, mix them with the eggs, then add all the other ingredients (minus oil and breadcrumbs).

Mix well, then, with wet hands, start creating the meatballs and pass them in the breadcrumbs.
Arrange them on the oven tray lined with parchment paper, sprinkle them with a little oil, then bake, for about 20 minutes or until golden brown, in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C.

The spelled and black cabbage meatballs are ready, serve them immediately.

A Strawberry on the stove

Ingredients (for 3 people)

40 g of extra virgin olive oil
10-15 sage leaves
10-15 leaves of black cabbage
30 g of unpeeled, unroasted hazelnuts
3 teaspoons of nutritional yeast flakes
whole coarse salt to taste

First, chop the sage in the oil and leave it to infuse for at least an hour.
Cut the most tender part of the black cabbage leaves into small pieces and then steam them until they are nice and soft.
Toast the hazelnuts and set aside one part to decorate, then blend the others with the black cabbage, the nutritional yeast flakes and half of the sage oil (but without the sage leaves), until you obtain a pesto.

Cook the pizzoccheri in abundant salted water, drain and season with the pesto and the remaining sage oil, which you have heated without frying the sage.
Serve and decorate with the hazelnuts kept aside, some whole and others coarsely chopped.

If you want you can add potatoes cut into small pieces to the recipe, to be cooked in the same water as the pizzoccheri, dropping them in water about ten minutes before.

Spelled and black cabbage meatballs - Recipes

In these days in Feletto in Friuli the traditional feast of cabbage took place, where every year traditional dishes are offered that have cabbage and its & # 8220parents & # 8221 as main ingredient, all belonging to the numerous Brassicaceae family.

From the organizers and precisely from Flavio I received an old recipe: that of & # 8220 meatballs with Friulian broccoli & # 8221, embellished with fragments of the history of the family that has helped to preserve it until today.

Flavio says that his grandmother Giuseppina, born in 1881, made these meatballs, who as a young man was in the service of a wealthy local family and this may also be the explanation of the use of some ingredients, unusual for the Friulian peasant table or perhaps only the explanation of the theft of a & # 8217idea: that of replacing the noblest spinach with the very humble and rustic broccoli & # 8230 who knows?!

The description that Fabio gives of the recipe leaves room for our free interpretation, also because as said Artusi, excellent gastronome and & # 8220quasi & # 8221 contemporary of grandmother Giuseppina:

& # 8220 & # 8230 do not think that I have the pretension of & # 8217 to teach you how to make meatballs, this is a dish that everyone knows how to do & # 8230 & # 8221

So boil, for a couple of minutes, a nice bunch of Friulian broccoli leaves in slightly acidified salted water, drain well from the cooking water and chop.

In a pan, season half of the broccoli with oil, garlic and a few chopped anchovies.

In the meantime, soften some stale bread in the milk and allow some raisins to be found in the white wine.

Grind some meat & # 8220 leftovers & # 8221, for example boiled or roast meat or even better minced beef mixed with sausage.

Mix the meat with the broccoli, the drained raisins and the well-squeezed bread seasoned with chopped parsley and garlic, grated parmesan or extra-aged cheese.

Finally add the eggs, two whole per kilo of dough, salt and pepper.

Form the meatballs, roll them in flour mixed with the breadcrumbs and fry them in oil or lard.

I wanted to try making these meatballs also in the & # 8220quaresimale & # 8221 version so without the meat but with the addition of toasted pine nuts & # 8230 really special.

If you want to make them and you can't find Friulian broccoli, try replacing it with the leaves of the most famous Tuscan & # 8220cavolo nero & # 8221, but it will never be the same.

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Spelled meatballs (without eggs)

Easy and super light!

Ingredients for 3/4 people. (based on hunger: & gt):

-200 gr of spelled
-2 slices of stale bread
-1 glass of whole milk
-80 gr of stringy cheese (in this recipe I used Brié, Galbanino or scamorza is fine too)
-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs

-white pepper to taste (or alternatively chilli)

-Dip the slices of bread in milk and let them soak for a couple of minutes
- Boil the spelled in plenty of salted water, then drain it
- Add the squeezed slices of bread, chopped cheese, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper to the spelled
-As soon as the dough becomes lukewarm, form meatballs of about 4 cm in diameter and pass them in the breadcrumbs

- Bake at 150 degrees for about 30 minutes

-Serve with fresh vegetables such as thinly sliced ​​cabbage or cabbage or crispy carrots cut into rings.

How to prepare beef and black cabbage meatballs

The ingredients to obtain to prepare the meatballs with black cabbage garnish I'm there beef and vegetables. For the rest, you can use the mix of suggested ingredients or leave out some, such as curry, whose flavor may not appeal to everyone. We recommend it to give a spicy touch to the dish and an exotic flavor that will make it more original.

With this plate of meat bullets, which you can prepare in half an hour, you will bring to the table a full second, consisting of meat and vegetables. It can be a single meal or to accompany a pasta first seasoned with simplicity so as not to burden you too much with preparation times.

Besides that, remember that meatballs are a excellent recycling dish. To prepare them, you can buy beef or use leftover meat. If you prepare roasts or boiled meats and you have some leftovers, don't throw them away, remember that you can prepare another dish like the one we offer today.

And now get busy starting with the ingredients list!

Meatballs are a perfect dish to make eat meat and vegetables for children. They are small bites, of soft meat, they can be accompanied with cooked or raw vegetables, mashed pumpkin or potatoes, fried or baked potatoes. They can be flavored with tomatoes and even served with spaghetti.

Meatballs of meat, fish, vegetables, meatballs are a must on our table, especially when there are small children at home. Among our recipes you will find original and inspiring dishes, such as spaghetti with meatballs in sauce, also perfect for Sundays vegetable meatballs , to be prepared by putting together potatoes, celery, carrots and to be served with a pepper coulisse.

The meatballs stewed with peas will allow you to introduce children to this colorful and playful legume, to be eaten grain by grain. But fish also lends itself well to the preparation of this recipe. The cauliflower and anchovy meatballs they have a distinct flavor of the sea. Cod or hake mix well with different ingredients to create meatballs tasty and tasty that can also be served in humid.

With this vast range of ideas, you will be able to bring tasty plates to the table for the whole family which, following our advice, will be quick and easy to prepare.

Defender of the Hearth

Flame and divide the chicken into pieces. In a pan pour a drizzle of oil and add the lightly crushed garlic and heat everything. Therefore, brown the chicken first on the skin side. Then add the aromas, salt, pepper and add a large glass of hot water. Cover and cook for about 45 minutes over medium-low heat.
When all the liquid has dried, lower the heat to low and brown the chicken very well on all sides.

Sautéed black cabbage

While the chicken is cooking, clean and wash the black cabbage and then cut it into very small pieces. In a pan, brown a clove of garlic then remove it and add the cabbage and brown it, then add salt and pepper and add two glasses of water, cover and cook for half an hour, then uncover it and let it dry very well, adjusting at the end of salt.

Spelled soup, chickpeas, savoy cabbage and black cabbage

By now winter has arrived and the desire for warm and comforting dishes is back with him. We are in the period of soups, stews, flans and in any case of full-bodied and satisfying dishes. So if at home you find yourself, like me, vegetables of different types in this period it is almost an obligation to prepare a nice soup. Today I had black cabbage and savoy cabbage and some pearl spelled and I came up with this hot and delicious soup.

In fact, I wouldn't even know the exact recipe to give you, I went a lot by eye and I put everything that came to mind at the time. I boiled the water and threw what I had between the fridge and the pantry into it, without paying too much attention to the doses. The main ingredients are certainly spelled, black cabbage and savoy cabbage. But I also added diced potatoes, carrots and some chickpeas that I had soaked from the previous night.

In short, a nice hearty soup. But it can really be done with anything you can think of. The only rule to follow is to put the various vegetables in the pot according to their cooking time. I started with chickpeas and potatoes, which had a longer cooking time than the rest, then I added carrots and spelled and finally savoy cabbage and black cabbage that cook in a very short time.

1. Tuscan ribollita
Being a typical food of the winter season, black cabbage is used in numerous recipes & # 8216calde & # 8217, such as in classic soups, in mixed vegetable minestrone, or in the famous Tuscan ribollita , typical Tuscan soup consisting of a mix of vegetables, bread and extra virgin olive oil. However, black cabbage can be used (cooked or raw) in different ways. Let's go see some recipes.

If you are curious to try this particular type of cabbage in new recipes, here they are 12 really easy to fully savor its taste.

2. Green smoothie

Prepare one smoothie energizer based on fruit, vegetables e black cabbage it's really that simple.
Put two or three cabbage leaves and a glass of water in the blender, then blend all until obtaining a creamy substance, add the juice of an orange, a banana, half a fennel and the juice of half a lemon. Blend again and serve to taste with ice cubes.

3. Pan of black cabbage

For this recipe, wash the cabbage and roughly cut it. In a pan, sauté a clove of garlic with extra virgin olive oil. Add a chili pepper and after a few moments also the black cabbage. Adjust of salt and pepper and cover cooking for 10/15 minutes in lively focus. From time to time stir the cabbage and, if necessary, add a couple of tablespoons of water.

4. Tagliatelle with smoked bacon and black cabbage

In a large pan, sauté one shallot finely chopped then add the cubes of bacon until they are crunchy. Add the leaves of black cabbage roughly cut, adjusted by salt and pepper and cook. Boil the noodles in plenty of salted water, drain and add to the sauce. Mix well and sprinkle with pecorino cheese grated.

5. Cabbage and potatoes au gratin in the oven

Prepare one classic bechamel and set it aside. Wash the black cabbage and roughly cut it. Peel the potatoes and boil them in lightly salted boiling water for 10 minutes, then drain and cut them in slices. Arrange in a baking dish a layer of potatoes, one of bechamel is one of black cabbage. Repeat the operation until the pan is full and, finally, sprinkle with plenty breadcrumbs. Bake the pan with potatoes and black cabbage a 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

6. Cabbage pesto

Blanch the cabbage for 2 minutes, then drain it and rinse it with cold running water. Place in the mixer glass 300 g of black cabbage, 50 g of pine nuts, 50 g of walnuts, extra virgin olive oil to taste and 70 g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Blend everything until you get a pesto thick and creamy.

7. Vegetable couscous

In a non-stick pan fry one clove of garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Join the cabbage and cook by adjusting salt and pepper. Prepare a couscous with vegetables and, after adding all the necessary vegetables, add the sautéed cabbage and serve the couscous hot.

8. Ravioli stuffed with black cabbage

Boil the cabbage in plenty of salted water, then drain and blend it in a blender. In a bowl, combine the black cabbage, ricotta, grated cheese, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Mix the ingredients very well and stuff the ravioli prepared according to the traditional recipe.

9. Meatballs with black cabbage

In a bowl, mix the minced meat, a egg, the chopped parsley, the bread crumbs, salt and pepper, then mix everything very well until you get a dough homogeneous. Divide the dough into small meatballs and fry them in extra virgin olive oil.

In the meantime, pour water, black cabbage, half an onion, a carrot, 2 cloves into a pan, put it on the stove and let it boil until the cabbage is cooked. Season with salt and pepper. Put in holsters 4 meatballs per serving And add the cabbage with a ladle of broth.

10. Winter soup

There cabbage soup and cannellini beans is one rustic recipe, very tasty to warm the winter or rainy days.

In a high-sided pot, do it brown finely chopped shallot and cannellini beans with a sprig of rosemary: if you like to give a creamy consistency to your soups, beat the beans with a fork by reducing them to a cream.

Then pour in the broth and add the cabbage leaves cleaned and roughly chopped. Wait until the cabbage leaves have cooked and serve with a drizzle of raw oil and toasted slices of Tuscan bread.

11. Macaroni, black cabbage and anchovies

Put plenty in a high-sided pot water and the cabbage cut into small pieces. Boil, add salt and add the macaroni. Meanwhile, in a pan, add a clove of & # 8217garlic and brown it in extra virgin olive oil until golden, add the anchovy fillets it's a chili pepper then, after a few minutes, turn off the heat. Drain the pasta and the black cabbage, add the seasoning and grated cheese.

12. Quiche with cabbage

The quiche they are savory pies that we have come to appreciate for their flavors and ease of preparation. If after reading the our traditional recipe you crave this French dish, make it even tastier with the addition of cabbage. The special filling is created by combining eggs, ricotta, cabbage, salt and nutmeg. After these ingredients are blended you can use them to cover the puff pastry and bake.

13. Penne with cabbage sauce

Pasta goes well with this type of vegetables, especially if it is in the form of a sauce. TO this link c & # 8217 is the recipe for a delicious first course with black cabbage sauce: a kind of pesto special that once again will make you appreciate the qualities of this vegetable, to be used more and more often in the kitchen for its quality.

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Vegan lasagna with black cabbage

I love black cabbage and this is its period, so I tried to put it in lasagna: I can't give you the exact quantities used because I didn't weigh anything, but I'll try to be as precise as possible anyway.


  • 2 bunches of black cabbage
  • 240 g of wholemeal spelled lasagna
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • 50 g of grated vegetable cheese or nutritional yeast
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 liter of vegetable béchamel (recipe here)
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste.
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • chili pepper


Clean the two bunches of black cabbage and remove the central ribs, keeping only the green part of the leaf. Cut them coarsely and let them blanch for a few minutes in salted water (do not throw the water because you will need it). Drain the leaves and season them in a pan with the oil, the garlic clove and the chilli pepper, salt and pepper. When they are soft take only half, the other half keep it aside.

Now prepare the black cabbage pesto that will be used to stuff the lasagna: blend half of the leaves with the vegetable cheese of your choice (I recommend something very tasty) and a drop of oil, you decide whether to blend the garlic too or remove it. If the mixture is too dry, add more oil and a little water from the cabbage cooking. You will need to obtain a consistency similar to that of pesto.

Now you just have to cook the lasagna sheets in the cabbage water for about 10 minutes and in the meantime prepare the bechamel as indicated in this recipe.

Now let's assemble the lasagna: I alternate on each sheet a nice thick layer of béchamel, then the pesto and then I put the potatoes cut into rings and the sautéed black cabbage leaves. On the last layer I put only the béchamel with the pesto and I covered everything with vegetable cheese.

Now cook your vegan lasagna with black cabbage in the oven at 180 ° for about 20 minutes, the last 5 minutes turn on the grill to form the crispy crust. Let it cool for a couple of minutes before serving.


Ingredients for 4 people:
2 medium-large potatoes
4 cherry tomatoes
60 grams of chickpeas (if dry, to be soaked previously according to package directions)
black cabbage leaves (quantity according to taste)
1 piece of leek
1 bay leaf
extra virgin olive oil
pepper or chilli (optional)

Peel and cut the potatoes into pieces, wash the vegetables thoroughly, then cut the leek into rings and the black cabbage leaves into strips or pieces Fill a pot of water, pour all the ingredients and put on the fire. For the chickpeas, if you use those already boiled, add them about ten minutes before turning off the heat.

Tip: if you want to make the soup even tastier, sprinkle with parmesan cheese or add some melted cheese into cubes and put it in the oven to gratinate, in the meantime prepare slices of bread to toast on the plate, or always in the oven. Serve the soup with toasted bread, a drizzle of raw oil and a sprinkling of pepper if you haven't added it previously :)


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